A custom promo website or landing page created on uKit platform within 10 days


You pay only for the result.


Already have a website?

If you already have a website but it got outdated or you simply don't like how it looks and want to update it to the modern site-building trends, this offer is for you!

Just send us a link to your old website and our designers will do the rest. You don't need to pay anything for your website update. We'll transfer it to the modern uKit platform completely free of charge. If you don't like the result you can walk away from the offer.

Turnaround time: 3 days

Don't have a website?

Need a promo site, landing page or small-scale online shop to boost sales or have online representation? Send us your business info, and we'll do it for you!

Send us as much information as possible about your business or services and our designers will do the rest. You pay for the website only if you like it. You won't lose a thing. On the contrary, you'll get a quality promo website or landing page according to your requirements and your business topic. 

Turnaround time: 10 days

Our Portfolio

You will get a website you can edit on your own

We will deliver a ready-to-use website powered by the convenient uKit site builder where you will be able to make edits and add information on your own. Once you accept the site, you will need to purchase a subscription at the uKit's end (website builder + hosting service) according to the uKit pricing terms.

We will help you transfer or connect your custom domain

If you already have a domain name, we'll help you re-connect it to your new site. If you don't have any you'll be able to buy it from us and connect to your new site.

Quality support team 24/7

If you have any questions about editing your site, feel free to contact the uKit support team that will promptly help you handle any situations you might have.